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Want to find a FREE Uk Tranny forum? then look no further as not only have you found one of the best online transvestites comminutes but access to thousands of contacts going right across the UK

The internet has helped thousands of trannies from around the UK meet up but more so whats its done for many is given them an opening to chat with other trannies via the members forums

Its a FACT that many transvestites never get to interact with others either they don't have the confidence sexually or maybe are not "out" so will seldom if at all venture outside, more often than not this can lead a solitary tranny existence never meeting or chatting with others, but this doesn't have to be the case as forum especially a busy one can turn this all around

What ever your reasons for joining a contacts website whether its to meet with others or enjoy the security a members only community can offer one thing you can be sure of is enjoying many hours chatting, reading and talking online with other members

What is a tranny forum? Is it the same as chatroom .....?

If you've never used a tranny forum or unsure just what it is, basically a forum is a place where members can post discussion where others can respond. Unlike a tranny chatroom forums discussions are stored in date order, meaning you can view past postings

As the postings are never removed this means you can read back over past threads ( these are what discussions are called) by either starting at the top and working down or searching forum threads if you have something specific your looking for

A forum is not like a chatroom, in that chatroom's are live and ongoing so any discussions are not saved, where as a forum discussion are saved along with any responses, in fact members can log in and quote old threads form years ago .....

Forums do offer many advantages over chatroom's and a lot of members do prefer forms over live chat as its a much slower pace, but personally I think both have a place within a community, especially so if your sitting back one night and want to talk to some fellow trannies in a safe chatroom.

The transvestite forum is split into 4 dedicated sections both to help you find past postings and for ease of use and using the forum really couldn't be easier and once logged into the members section its a simple case of click on forums > Tranny > then the section of interest

Features of tranny forum:-

  • Dedicated sections on. Instant meets, advice , socials & dogging locations
  • Search past discussions by keywords
  • View profiles from postings - so you can view members profiles directly from forum postings
  • Upload photos, videos and send private messages

And whats even better access to the forum is within the FREE membership, so it won't cost you anything to join up and access the members forum .......join us TODAY


To give you some idea of whats posted within the tranny forums I've posted some recent discussions - in some cases these postings have been edited to protect members

Advice - I've only just started dressing and I'm having problems getting dresses that don't look like my granny would wear!! I'm a young tranny and want to look trend but as the same time not slutty can anyone help?
Hampshire - Gosport

Advice - hi , I love wearing satin knickers ,hold ups by far white is my favourite and as I recently came out to my wife I've wearing them with her around and she really finds it a turn on to see me undressed. whats your favourite knickers / panties are you out to your partner , I would also like to hear from trannies that are in the bdsm scene
West Midlands - Birmingham

Dogging - I'm looking at meeting some guys for dogging around the New Forest as its extremely safe and once parked up you can head off into the New Forest and no one will see what your up too. I always dress fully so drop me a message and I'll give you better details and locations
Wiltshire - Salisbury

Parties - we are opening a tranny club in Suffolk from 8pm till late for tv /ts / cd and admirers..We have rooms for changing if you dont want to the club dressed and we have showers. Please get in touch (commercial posting fees will be charged to use this tranny club)
Suffolk - Ipswich

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